Rise and Shine
Rise and Shine

We are New Zealand dairy farmers, and we rise to a challenge. Whatever the challenge. And it’s in those moments, that we shine.

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New Zealand dairy farmers are the world’s most sustainable dairy farmers and are working to continue to improve their sustainability.

Did you know?

New Zealand produces 3% of all milk in the world

92% of all feed eaten by dairy cows in NZ is pasture, including hay and silage

NZ’s dairy industry employs around 50,000 people

94% of a sample of dairy farmers surveyed by DairyNZ said they are proud to be working in the dairy sector

98.3% of Water Accord waterways have dairy cattle excluded

The emissions created from every glass of NZ milk are less than half of the global average

Dairy farming contributed 34% ($19.7b) of goods exported by New Zealand in the year to June 2020

99.8% of 36,393 stock crossing points have bridges or culverts

Helping farmers take action

Step change

Step Change is a DairyNZ initiative designed to help farmers achieve financial gains while making progress towards environmental goals and be more able to adapt to future requirements. The aim of Step Change is to tackle three key areas: profitability, water quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

Step Change focuses on:

  • Making the most profitable use of pasture
  • Optimising feed eaten to reduce methane
  • Reducing N surplus & leaching
  • Managing marginal land to reduce GHG
  • Reducing phosphorus, sediment and pathogen loss